Research is key in clinical practice and as such, Mulago National Referral Hospital continuously conducts research with a view to improving health service delivery.

Mulago Research and Ethics committee has received accreditation from Uganda National Council for Science and Technology. This is in recognition of it’s special status as a sound committee for human subject protection and research regulation. For all studies using Mulago Hospital as a study site MUST be approved by this committee

Mulago does research of various kinds in collaboration with institutions of higher learning, ministry of health, international researchers and individual bodies.

Latest approved Research protocols

49730 th Jan, 2014Surgical Unit-based safety Program. Pilot study in African countries.Dr. Peter Ongom.29 th Jan, 2015.
35630 th Jan, 2014Protocol Extention;Depression and psycho-Social Covariates among people with Type II Diabetes at Mulago HospitalMutyaba Katamba 20 th July, 2014.
37430 th April.2013Validation of the genotype Helico Dr. test for the molecular diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori and its resistance to clarithromycin and fluoroquinolones in stool specimens.Angol Denish Calmax 29 th April 2014
56229th Apr, 2014Mothers’ perceptions of premature birth related stigma at the New Mulago hospital, Kampala, Uganda: a qualitative studyMs. Jennifer Trainor28th Apr, 2015
44028 th Oct, 2013A pilot study of pulmonary rehabilitation for post Tuberculosis patients in Uganda.Bruce J Kirenga 27 th Oct, 2014.
50627 th Jan, 2014.Generating National Political Priority for Global Surgery in Low- and Middle – income Countries: A Country Case Series. Locations: Papua New Guinea, Uganda, SierraLeone.Dr. Alex Emmanuel Elobu.26 th Jan, 2015.
42827 th Aug 2013Human Herpesvirus-8 Replication and Kaposi Sarcoma Response to Treatment study Warren Phipps27 th Aug 2014
42927 th Aug 2013Adjunctive sertraline for the Treatment of HIV-Associated Cryptococcal MeningitisDr. Meya David27 th Aug 2014
44427 th Aug 2013Information Needs and sources among Cancer Patients: The Perspective of Cancer Patients in Mulago Referral HospitalElizabeth Nabirye41878
45927 th Aug 2013Factors associated with non disclosure of HIV positive results to sexual partners among pregnant women attending antenatal care at Mulago hospital.Kisakye Jennifer27 th Aug 2014
53826th Mr, 2014Study to assess the prevalence of the femoral shaft fractures in children age 3 to 15 years in Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kampala District.Nabatte Dianah25th Mar, 2015
56826th May, 2014Validity and reliability of the Cambridge worry scale among pregnant women attending Mulago Hospital Antenatal clinic, UgandaOkiror Emmanuel25th May, 2015
51626th Mar, 2014Mitigating the digital divide: Instituting electronic medical information access and training for Mulago Hospital and Uganda Cancer Institute.Prof. Josaphat K Byamugisha.25th Mar, 2015
53526th Mar, 2014Disability Depression and Adjustment among AdultsNabukalu Barbra25th Mar, 2015
54026th Mar, 2014Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice of pharmacist towards clinical pharmacy in Mulago HospitalMr. Basenero A ndrew25th Mar, 2015
54126th Mar, 2014Factors contributing to patients reporting with late fracture complication in Mulago National Referral HospitalKikomeko Lawrence25th Mar, 2014
54226th Mar, 2014Customers’ perceptions towards NMS servicesIPSOS25th Mar, 2015
54326th Mar, 2014Assessment of pharmaco-marketing practices at selected units in Mulago Hospital.Mr. Onyago Julious Ceaser25th Mar, 2015
60626th Jun, 2041An analysis of health facility preparedness for major incidents in kampalaKalanzi Joseph Kajubi25th Jun, 2015
60426th Jun, 2014Comparison of serial venous and arterial blood gas values in critically ill patients admitted to Mulago HospitalDr. Arthur Kwizera25th Jun, 2015
28826 th Nov,2013Renewal;The START( A streamlined ART Initiation strategy )StudyDiane V(PI)25 th Nov, 2014
57925th May, 2014Prevalence of lower limb injuries inward 3A orthopedics Mulago Hospital between July and December 2013Nahwera Leonard24th May, 2015
54425th Mar, 2014Motorcycle Related Injury in Kampala: A case study among the RidersDr. Nazarius Tumwesigye23rd Mar, 2015
59725th Jun, 2014Health cost study on tobacco use in UgandaDr. Sebastian Orikira Baine24th Jun, 2015
61925th Jul, 2015Perceptions of patient care attendants at Mulago HospitalMitra Sadigh24th Jul, 2015
61625th Jul, 2014Motor vehicle study on age limit for importation of used motor vehicles in East Africa RegionDr. Kipkirui Langat, PhD24th Jul, 2015
62125th Jul, 2014The impact of Rainfall on the incidence of cholera in kampala districtMr. Mugoya Derick24th Jul, 2015
38124th July.13The effectiveness of Gallows traction in management of peadiatric femeral fractures at Mulago hospital Mugume Angelo 24 th Oct 2014
56424th Apr, 2014Cost effectiveness analysis of novel point of care testing technologies: viral load and early infant diagnosisCarlos Avila; HFG23rd Apr, 2015
43824 th July.13Assessment of prescribing practices for patients with heart failure admitted to Mulago National Referral Hospital Kalidi Rajab24 th July 2014
44724 th July.13Knowledge and attitude towards feeding practices of caretakers with undernourished children aged 0-5 years at Mulago Hospital Kampala Kihika Christine 24 th July 2014
36924 th July 2013The of Nadifloxacin (a Dr. Peter Ongom, 24 th July 2014
40124 th July 2013An audit on knowledge, attitudes and practices of non-anaesthesia providers to labour analgesia in Uganda Dr. Andrew Kintu24 th July 2014
36624 th April.2013An insight into antibiotic prescription practice at Mulago HospitalJasmijin Knaapen 23 rd April 2014
57523rd May, 2014Challenges faced by radiographers during performance of radiography investigation in 3D intensive care unit(ICU) at Mulago National Referral HospitalKatwesigye Kataate22nd May, 2015
61823rd Jul, 2014Noninvasive paremeter testing with pulse co-oximetry and measurement of blood constituents with in-vitro analyzersDr. Henry Ddungu28th Feb, 2015
31623 rd April.2013Pharmacokinetic Interactions between Artemisinin-Based Therapics and Rifampicin-Based Tuberculosis Treatment in African Patients (ARTEM-TB STUDY)Mohammed Lamorde 22 nd April 2014
52022nd Apr, 2014Formative Research for a Ministry of Health programme on Home Fortification with Micronutrient powders to address Micronutrient deficiencies among children 6-23 months in Uganda.Sarah Ngalombi, Melanie Suter, Martin Ahimbisibwe 21st Apr, 2015
53922nd Apr, 2014Using Giemsa or Field’s stain for malaria diagnosis in children under five years admitted at acute care unit, Mulago national referral hospital.Namutundu Juliana21st Apr, 2015
35422 nd Mar.2013IMPAACT P1092: Phase IV Evaluation of the steady state pharmacokinetics of zidovudine, lamivudine and lopinavir/ritonavir in severely malnourished HIV-1- infected, antiretroviral-naïve children who are initiating HAART- Version 1.0 dated 24 February, 2012.Dr. Maxensia Owor 21 st Mar 2014
34922 nd April.2013The assessment of the relevance and risk factors associated with gestational diabetes mellitus at Mulago hospital antenatal clinic Julius Peter Ddungu 21 st Oct 2013
56921st May, 2014Knowledge, attitude and utilization of premarital sickle cell disease screening among primigravida mothers at Mulago HospitalMs. Shamim Namukasa20th May, 2015
57021st May, 2014Prevalence and factors associated with malnutrition among adult tuberculosis patients attending the national referral tuberculosis at Mulago HospitalMs. Shamim Namukasa.
Ms. Esether Nambi
20th May 2015
51021st Feb, 2014An assessment of hematological parameters in HIV- infected children under five years of age attending MildMay hospital, Uganda.Omara Isaac Emmanuel.20th Feb, 2015
51921st Feb, 2014Knowledge of hypertensive elderly women aged fifty years and on nutrition management practices for hypertension. A case study at Mulago hospital Kampala.Mr. George Rwakashambo.20th Feb, 2015
30321 st June 2014Randomized clinical trial assessing laryngeal mask airway (LMA) versus face-mask ventilation (FMV) in neonatal resuscitation at Mulago HospitalDr. Jolly Nankunda21 st June 2014
9121 st June 2013Amendment of the study “Associations between birth asphyxia and infection amongst Newborns in Africa: Perinatal risk factors for neonatal encephalopathy in Uganda ( the ABAaNA study) protocol (version 6): 2012Dr. Cally Tann21 st June 2014
50919th Feb, 2014Factors contributing to puerperal sepsis among post delivery mothers in Uganda. A case study: Mulago Hospital complex.Nagami Achan Susan18th Feb, 2015
51319th Feb, 2014Understanding the preferred Nutrition education approaches on infant and young child feeding by mothers at the postnatal clinic at Mulago national referral Hspital Mr. Ndorerire Moses18th Feb, 2015
51419th Feb, 2014Prevalence and histopathological features of chorioamnionitis among women admitted in Mulago hospital labour ward.Mutuuza Emmanuel Derek18th Feb, 2015
51519th Feb, 2014Acceptability and implementation of facilitated physician- patient education via pocket doctor in East Africa.Irene Nakalema18th Feb, 2015
42519 th Jun.13Pilot study on occupational health hazards among health workers in major hospitals in Kampala Assoc. Prof William Bazeyo18 th June 2014
44319 th July 2013Optimizing an electronic TB register (eTBr) to increase Tuberculosis Case Notification and Treatment success in Uganda and South SudanDr. Micah Mubeezi (PI)18 th July 2014
29818th Feb, 2014The incidence ofG6PD deficiency in UgandaDr. Nabadda Susan17th Feb, 2015
51718th Feb, 2014Design of a Pneumatic Solid Waste Collection System for Mulago HospitalBwete Allan17th Feb 2015
51818th Feb, 2014Prevalence of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in post operative wounds and its antibiotics susceptibility patterns at Mulago Hospital.Okotel Moses17th Feb 2015
56117th Jun, 2014The impact of occupational therapy on children with cerebral palsy in the occupational therapy department Mulago hospitalMs. Nakimbugwe Josephine16th Jun, 2015
58617th Jun, 2014Prevalence of malaria among children, 0-5 years old, attending treatment in acute care unit, Mulago hospitalAchar Scovia16th Jun, 2015
58717th Jun, 2014Prevalence of cryptosporidiosis among patients in pediatric wards in Mulago national referral Hospital- kampalaMs. Kantono Esther16th Jun, 2015
58917th Jun, 2014A study to assess the prevalence of fracture neck of femur in the elderly people between 45-80 yaers in Mulago National Referral HospitalAgaba Deus16th Jun, 2015
59117th Jun, 2014To establish the factors affecting male spouse participation in antenatal careAtuhairwe Elisha16th Jun, 2015
59317th Jun, 2014Factors contributing to breakdown of radiology equipments in radiology department Mulago hospitalBalikolaki Ismail16th Jun, 2015
60117th Jul, 2014Occupational Health,Safety AND Organisational Perfomance among employees in Mulago Hospital, Kampala DistrictKakooza Hussein16th Jul, 2015
60217th Jul, 2014Factors influencing midwives, use of various birthing positions in the management of the second stage of labour in referral hospitals in UgandaMr. Kalanzi M Marcellinus16th July, 2015
54817th AprilFactors affecting pre-hospital care towards road traffic injury victims who report to Mulago hospital causality departmentNamulindwa Mariam16th Apr, 2015
52917th Apr, 2014The Role of killer immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) and HLA-C genes in pre-eclampsia in an African population.Dr. Nakimuli Annettee Olivia.16th Apr 2015
54617th Apr, 2014A Retrospective study on prevalence of fractures in children below 18 years in Mulago Hospital from January to DecemberMr. Mujabi Ivan Stanley16th Apr, 2015
55317th Apr, 2014Factors contributing to complications of traumatic fracture femur among adults patients in Mulago HospitalMS. Ayesiza Juliet16th Apr, 2015
55517th Apr, 2014Factors associated with delay to perform emergency cesarean section among pregnant women delivering at Mulago hospitalDr. Eilu Emmanuel16th Apr, 2015
55617th Apr, 2014In- Vitro Anti-bacterial Activity of Ethanolic and Ethereal Root Extracts of Gynandropsis Gynadra agaist Streptococcus PneumoniaeMr. Jimmy Okello16th Apr, 2015
55717th Apr, 2014Factors associated with depression cases among patients attending SB BOSA mental health unit, Mulago HospitalMs. Nalubega Claire16th Apr, 2015
55817th Apr, 2014Perceptions of antenatal attendees towards intermittent preventive treatment of malaria at Mulago national referral hospital, kampalaMs. Nassali Robinah16th Apr, 2015
55917th Apr, 2014Assessment of effects of bodaboda accidents on the involved patients admitted at Mulago national referral HospitalMr. Kaijuka Charles16th Apr, 2015
57116th May, 2014The effect of public relations on customer retention: a case study of Mulago HospitalMs. Nanyange Gloria15th May, 2015
57416th May, 2014Radiation safety of radiography students during their clinical practice in radiology department-mulago hospitalYiga David15th May 2015
29116 th Dec, 2013.Renewal;Evaluation of strategies for improved helmet use among commercial motorcyclists in Kampala and Mbale Districts Nayiga Suzan15 th Dec, 2014.
48916 th Dec, 2013.Vacuum extraction in Mulago Hospital. A strategy to reduce caesarean section rates in second stage and improve maternal and neonatal outcome.Pro.JK Byamugisha.15 th Dec, 2014.
31116 th Dec, 2013Protocol Renewal;Primary HIV in Pregnant and Lactating Ugandan Women: A Randomized Trial, Version 4.0 dated 4 August 2012 (Study acronym: PRIMALProf. Elly Katabira15 th Dec, 2014.
49116 th Dec, 2013Evaluation of non –Inferiority of two fast follower Nucleic Acid Amplification tests for the diagnosis of pulmonary Tuberculosis in comparison to Genexpert MTB/RIF, Version 1.0 dated 22 nd May 2013.Dr. Lydia Kakiyingi.15 th Dec, 2014
42316 th Aug 2013Profile of Paediatric admissions, diagnoses and outcomes in Mulago National Referral Hospital 2010-2011; retrospective Descriptive Analysis.Dr. Eric Wobudeya14 th Aug 2014
37315 th July 2013Developmental Neuropsychological and physical growth outcomes among HIV exposed Uninfected infants who are on antiretroviral drugs, protocol version 3.0, dated 03 December, 2012Jim Aizire 15 th July 2014
44215 th July 13The need for Public Relations Officers/Departments in Hospitals Kezaabu Sylvia15 th July 2014
39615 th Aug 2013The burden of drowning on lake Victoria and surrounding communities in Uganda Mrs. Mable Tomusange14 th Aug 2014
41815 th Aug 2013Current clinical demographic profiles and treatment patterns of patients with rheumatic disease in Uganda Dr. Mondo Charles 14 th Aug 2014
43415 th Aug 2013Proposal for RAAB in Hoima District Uganda Dr. Susan Kikira14 th Aug 2014
60514th Jul, 2014Prevalence and factors associated with percutaneous injuries and splash exposures among laboratory workers in Mulago Referral Hospital, KampalaAgondeze Sandra13th Jul, 2014
61014th Jul, 2014Time series analysis of infant mortality in Uganda (1990-2012).Ms. Angucia Palmer13th Jul, 2015
61114th Jul, 2014Video recordings for the M-Tambula health projectBrenda Katwesigye13th Jul, 2015
61214th Jul, 2014The Quality of Diabetes care among diabetes patients obtaining diabetic care from Mulago national referral hospitalSharon Akol13th Jul, 2051
45314 th Aug.13Paediatric Tuberculosis cases and outcomes at the Mulago National Referral Hospital Paediatric TB clinic 2010-2013; A retrospective chart review. Dr. Wobudeya14 th Aug,2014
52413th Mar, 2014Factors limiting continuous professional development among health workers in Uganda: A case study of Nurses and Midwives in Mulago National Referral Hospital.Namutebi Elizabeth12th Mar, 2015
52513th Mar, 2014Assessing factors affecting service delivery in public hospitals: A case study of medical out-patients’ department Mulago Hospital.Nagaddya Immaculate12th Mar, 2015
37513 th May 2013Chronic complications and one year outcome of patients with non traumatic spinal cord injury in Uganda Dr. Abdu Kisekka Musubire 12 th May 2014
24613 rd July, 2013.Rotavirus in Uganda: Molecular Epidemiology and potential of Zoonotic TransmissionDr. Josephine Bwogi12 th July 2014
52712th Mar, 2014The utilization of female condom (model2) as protective measure for sexually transmitted diseases among female clients attending STD clinic Mulago Hospital. Kato Hassan11th Mar, 2015
53012th Mar, 2014Prevalence and factors associatet with drug induced liver injury on Gastro Enterology Unit, Mulago hospitalOtim Lawrence11th Mar, 2015
53112th Mar, 2014A study to find out the common fractures managed by physiotherapy in ward 3A orthopedics Mulago hospital.Amandu Habert11th Mar, 2015
53212th Mar, 2014Assessment of knowledge regarding hypertension among hypertensive patients attending the outpatient clinic at Mulago Hospital.Turyahikayo Peter.11th March, 2015
53312th Mar, 2014Assessment of medicine stock-outs in Mulago Hospital following the introduction of the integrated computerized supply chain monitoring system.Mukiibi Bryan Oscar11th Mar, 2015
45212 th . Aug.13Artmether/Lumefntrine: A Study of the Effect of Local Food on Pharmacokinetics and Population Pharmacokinetics, Version 2.0, dated May, 2013Dr. Norah Mwebaza12 th Aug,2014
14112 th Nov, 2013.Renewal; Frequent evaluation of genital shedding of HSV-2 in HSV-2 seropositive, HIV seronegative and HIV seropositive Ugandan Adults study..Edith Nakku Joloba11 th Nov, 2014.
17712 th April, 2013.Annual renewal for ‘Human Herps Virus-8 (HIV-8)Replication and Progression to Kaposi’s sarcoma in Africa’Dr. Jackson Orem11 th April 2014
48111 th Nov, 2013.Economic Evaluation of rotavirus vaccines introduction for Uganda.Dr. Emmanuel Mugisha – PATH10 th Nov, 2014.
42211 th June.13A pilot study of the feasibilitySr. Mary Speciosa Mbabali 11 th June 2014
33610 th Jan, 2014.IMPAACT P1070 protocol: Dose –Finding and Pharmacogenetic study of Efavirenz in HIV – Infected and HIV/TB Co-Infected Infants and children ≥ 3 months to > 36 months of Age. Version 2.0 Dated December 12, 2011Dr. Philippa M. Musoke 9 th Jan, 2015
32210 th Jan, 2014Request for continuing review and approval ‘‘Tumor tissue collection for molecular characterization and viral discovery study.’’.Dr. Jackson Orem.9 th Jan, 2015.
1469 th Jan, 2014Renewal;Role of HIV in survival after a cancer diagnosis study.8 th Jan,2015.
5368th Apr, 2014Retrospective study on causes of Humeral fractures among patients who visited Mulago national referral hospital between January 2013 to January 2014. Ssembajjwe Frank7th Apr, 2015
5498th Apr, 2014A study to assess the effects of physiotherapy towards children with injection neuritis at Mulago hospitalMr. Ssekabembe Charles7th Apr, 2015
5508th Apr, 2014Bacterial contamination of door handles of selected doors in Mulago hospital and their potential role in the spread of Nosocomial infectionMs. Jokudu Grace Lesuk7th Apr, 2014
3798 th May 2013Evaluation of triage system in paediatric Acute Care Centre in Mulago Hospital Kampala Dr. Amy Romer 7 th May 2014
1837 th May.2013Annual renewal for “Acceptability and Effectiveness of Ready-To-UseFood (RUF) supplements among Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Adults with and without Kaposi’s Sarcoma in Uganda” study. HS 778Dr. Jackson Orem6 th May 2014
1087 th Jan, 2014Renewal; Predictors of late presentation of Cervical Cancer in HIV positive Ugandan women.Dr. Noleb Mugisha.6 th Jan, 2015.
4137 th Aug 2013Evaluating a web-based electronic medical record system in combination with targeted phone messaging to improve long-term post-natal follow-up of HIV-infected and uninfected pregnant women and their infants in Uganda version 3.0, dated 1 march 2013.(WMER STUDY)Zikulah Namukwaya 6 th Aug 2014
4417 th Aug 2013Use of assistive technologies and access to school education by children with mobility disabilities in Uganda.Raphael Schwere6 th Aug 2014
4457 th Aug 2013Mulago surviving severe illness initiative, a quality improvement studyDr. William Worodria 6 th Aug 2014
4497 th Aug 2013Hospital and Household Studies of Respiratory Cryptosporidiosis and Transmission.Prof. James Tumwine 06 Aug,2014
5736th Jun, 2014Determinants of glycemic control amon patients treated for type 2 diabetes in Mulago hospital, UgandaMr. Gildo Okure5th Jun, 2015
5816th Jun, 2014A description of the Mulago Hospital Sickle Cell clinic patient population: October 2012-march 2014Olatundun Williams5th Jun, 2015
5836th Jun, 2014Factors influencing the incidence of head injury among motorcyclist in Mulago Hospital.Ms. Nanozi Earnest5th Jun, 2015
6176th Aug, 2014The link between single parenthood and malnutrition in children under five a case study at mwanamujimu nutrition unit Mulago hospital kampalaLuyima Antony5th Jul, 2015
6256th Aug, 2014Epidemiology of severe Traumatic Brain injury and cost-benefits of hospital intervention ay Mulago National Referral HospitalDr. Joel Kiryabwire5th Aug, 2015
1236 th Sept. 2011Renewal and progress report for primary Human Herpes virus 8 Infection in Ugandan Children StudySoren Gantt20 th Aug 2014
1796 th May.2013Renewal for study entitled’ Prevention of early mortality by presumptive TB treatment in HIV-infected patients initiating antiretroviral therapy’Harriet Mayanja Kizza5 th May 2014
3606 th June 2013Early survival after hospital discharge of infants of birth weight≤1500g in a resource limited settingDr. Abdallah Yaser5 th June 2014
3986 th June 2013Willingness to screen for breast cancer among adult females attending Mulago referral Hospital Nsubuga Pheona5 th June 2014
3596 th April.2013Development of a line probe assay and a real time PCR test for detection of point mutations in the haemoglobin Beta Gene for diagnosis of sickle cell disorders Dr. Freddie Bwanga5 th April 2014
5545th May, 2014Baseline BI-RADS use in breast Ultrasound Reports in UgandaDr. Jackson Orem4th May, 2015
5605th May, 2014Musculoskeletal disorders among Nurses: A case study of Mulago National Referral HospitalSr. Amuge Beatrice (ACN).4th May, 2015
5635th May, 2014Perceived midwifery ethical practices and quality of service delivery among expectant mothers attending antenatal clinic in Mulago national referral hospital kampala UgandaMs. Alum Alice Collete4th May, 2014
5655th May, 2014Factors affecting the provision of occupational therapy services to patients with spinal cord injuries at the spinal ward, Mulago HospitalNamutebi Edith4th May, 2015
5665th May, 2014Assessing the level of patient privacy during X-Ray investigations at the accident and emergency X-ray unit Mulago Hospital.
(for Academic award).
Nakibule Justine4th May, 2015
5675th May, 2014The challenges radiography of patients with suspected spinal injuries at the unitNumurungi Catherine4th May, 2015
4355 th July 2013The Diagnostic Dose reference level for adult Posteroanterior Chest X-ray Examination of eight Health Units in Kampala Uganda Dr. Mugisha 4 th July 2014
1425 th Dec, 2013.Immunogenetics in the control of Human Herpes Virus-8 Replication and progression to Kaposis sarcoma.Dr. Jackson Orem.4 th Dec, 2014.
4865 th Dec, 2013Provision of Intra-uterineDevice (IUD’s) and Post Abortion Care (PAC) services in all public health facilities.Dr. Narathius Asingwire.4 th Dec, 2014
4955 th Dec, 2013Mid term clinical and radiological outcomes in children with ICTEV (club foot) in Mulago Hospital.Dr. Malinga Raymond Joseph.4 th Dec, 2014
5114th Mar, 2014Prevalence of Malaria among HIV infected pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic of Mulago National Referral Hospital.Mr. Alex Waibiri3rd Mar, 2015
5124th Mar, 2014Prevalence of urinary tract infections and associated risk factors among diabetic patients attending diabetic clinic, Mulago National Referral Hospital.Ms. Kyorimpa Glorious3rd Mar, 2015
5214th Mar, 2014Knowledge, perceptions and practices of breast milk expression among working breast feeding mothers attending Mulago hospital postnatal clinic.Nabimba Ronald.3rd Mar, 2015
5224th Mar, 2014Factors associated with lifestyle modification practices among hypertensive patients in Mulago and Nsambya Hospitals.Nawagi Faith3rd Mar, 2015
5234th Mar, 2014Alteration of urine parameters among malaria out patients in Mulago Hospital.Kakaire Jimmy Brian3rd Mar, 2015
5984th July, 2014Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, Organizational CommitmentMs. Namulema Rose Kiwanuka3rd Jul, 2015
6004th Aug, 2014The diabetic retinopathy barometer survey projectPhoebe Katende3rd Aug, 2015
4602 nd October 2014 Survey on strengthening of laboratory waste management capacity in UgandaCollins Obote 1 st October, 2014.
1472 nd May 2013Early clinical and immunological outcomes of patients with HIV/TB co-infections on antiretroviral therapyDr. William Worodria1 st May 2014
3072 nd May 2013The effect of HIV/AIDS on the epidemiology of Acute Abdomen at Mulago HospitalDr. Elobu Emmanuel 10 th May 2014
4772 nd Dec, 2013.Evaluation of the feasibility of implementing isoniazid preventive therapy in public health facilities in UgandaDr. Bruce J Kirenga.1 st Dec, 2014.
532 nd Dec, 2013Renewal; Research Bronchoscopy study, international HIV opportunistic pneumonia (MIND-IHOP) study.Dr. William Worodria.1 st Dec, 2014.
4882 nd Dec, 2013Strategies for the prevention of Hepatitis B viral Infection among HIV infected adults in Uganda.Dr. Emmanuel Seremba.1 st Dec,2014
4652 nd Dec, 2013The burden of depression and its socio-economic impact among patients with diabetes mellitus attending three out-patients clinic in UgandaDr. Dickens Akena.1 st Dec,2014
4872 nd Dec, 2013Improving stroke prevention and outcomes in Uganda: population survey and hospital based studyDr. Nakibuuka Jane1 st Dec,2014
3782 nd April 2013Cancer treatment prescription in low – and middle-income countries survey: At Uganda cancer Institute Dr. Okuku Fred 1 st May 2014
Moses Kamya (Co- PI)
Dr. Stanely Bubikire
Douglas R. Roehler
Rebecca Naumann
Dr. Flavia Namiiro
topical antibiotic) in the H. Kajumbula,
management of surgical T. Makumbi , E. Elobu
site infections in mulago
hospital’s surgical wards: a
prevalence, bacterial
spectrum and sensitivity
Dr. Simon Muhumuza
Mr. Katwere Semwanga David
Dr. Stanley Bubikire
Dr. Joseph Kyobe
Dr. Mary.T Nabukenya
Dr. Arthur Kwizera
Dr. Sarah Nakubulwa
Prof.Freers Jugen
Dr. Nyakoojo Wilson
Of incorporation of Nurse Administered Neurodevelopmental Assessment into Routine Clinic Practice for HIV and Antiretroviral (ARV) Exposed HIV-negative Infants ≥ 24 Months of Ages Version 1.0 dated 18 th Oct. 12
Assoc.Prof. Sarah Kiguli
Dr. Nankunda Jolly
Dr. Nelson Sewankambo
Dr. Ekwaro A. Obuku (Co-PI)
507Effects of leadership on employee motivation: A case study of the maternity wing of Mulago Teaching and Referral Hospital, Uganda.Ms. Kakyomya Violet.
508Analysis of reported dog bite cases at Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kampala Uganda.Sinidu Zegeye
526Assessment of liver health status among atherosclerotic patients attending Mulago Hospital and Uganda Heart Institute, Kampala, Uganda.Kisembo Steven Asaba
534Sero- prevalence and factors associated with rubella infection in pregnant women attending antenatal care services at Mulago National Referral Hospital.Mr. Bukenya Henry
614An analysis of the integration of HIV/AIDS targeted private foreign Aid personnel within Uganda’s public Healthcare systemEmily Mediate17th Feb, 2015
6256th Aug 2014 Epidemiology of severe Traumatic Brain injury and cost-benefits of hospital intervention ay Mulago National Referral Hospital.Dr. Joel Kiryabwire5th Aug 2015
626Prevalence, factors and outcomes associated with acute respiratory failure at Mulago Hospital.Dr. Arthur Kwizera
627Factors influencing timing of sexual resumption after childbirth among postnatal women attending Mulago hospital postnatal/ immunization clinic, Uganda.Ms. Alum Alice Collette.
62830th May, 2014 Sexual and reproductive Health and rights violations on women living with HIV at Mulago Hospital.Lilian Mworeko29th May 2015
629Comparing the efficacy of a manual Drill to a covered industrial power drill in orthopaedic surgery at Mulago hospital.Dr. Beyeza Tito
63027th June 2014Effects of antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy and lactation on the bone health of urban Ugandan women, and on infant growthFlorence Nabwire 26th June 2015
631Participation of the end users and procurement effectiveness: a case study of Mulago hospital
632Determinants of time to remission of cervical cancer patients in ugandaMr. Byansi Daniel
6333rd Sep 2014Initiating birthing partner support in alow risk maternity unit at Mulago HospitalNabacwa Oliver Norah2nd Sep 2015
6343rd Sep 2014A landscape assessment of opportunities for introduction of HPV testing in UgandaDr. Denise Njama-Meya2nd Sep 2015
6351st Sep 2014Trend analysis of maternal mortality ratio in Mulago hospitalMs. Ninsiima Immaculate31st Aug 2015
636Satisfaction of post ceasarean section mothers with pain management in Mulago hospitalAcen Joy12th Aug 2015
63724th Sep 2014Assessing Knowledge, attitude and practice of operation theatre staff in relation to sustainable health care quality improvement, a case study of Mulago hospitalMr. Nsereko Joseph23rd Sep 2015
63830th Sep 2014Assessment of postoperative ceasarean section pain using the visual analogue scale in patients at Mulago HospitalDr. Andrew Kintu29th Sep 2015
64030th Sep 2014A trend analysis on child mortality rate in Uganda for a period 2004 to 2013: a case study of Mulago hospitalMr. Nsimbe Peter Cleaver29th Sep 2015
6414th Oct 2014Challenges faced by sickler students seeking treatment at Mulago sickler cell clinic in kampalaKasemiire Beth3rd Oct 2015
64230th Sep 2014“Trend analysis of the relationship between HIV and TB prevalence” case study of Mulago National Referral HospitalMs. Alupo Baernadatte29th Sep 2015
64330th Sep 2014Application for an expedited research and ethics review and approval to conduct an assessment to determine best practices and metrics for family planning total market initiative: a case study in Uganda based on the programme for accessible health, communication and education (PACE) Uganda total market initiativeDr. Emmanuel Mugisha29th Sep 2015
64413th Oct 2014“Factors that influence the utilization of prevention of mother to child transmission services in Mulago National Referral Hospital, UgandaMs. Jolly Grace Atwakiire12th Oct 2015
64518th Sep 2014Administrative clearance: protocol entitled. Neurological outcomes following establishment of a twinning program at Mulago hospital in kampalaAnthony Fuller17th Sep 2015
6463rd Sep 2014Cervival cancer screening using visual inspection with acetic acid: women’s perception of positive results at Mulago HospitalAkugizibwe Roselyne2nd Sep 2015
647Effect of reosorbilact versus ringer,s lactate on post spinal hypotension in caesarean section at Mulago hospital: a randomized clinical trialDr. Arthur Kwizera
648Prevalence of bed sores among adult medical in-patients in Mulago national referral hospitalMs. Nabulime Allen30th Sep 2015
649IMPAACT P1078: A phase IV Randomised Double- blinded placebo – controlled trial to evaluate the safety of immediate (Antepartum-initiated) versus deferred (postpartum- initiated) isoniazid Preventive Therapy among HIV-Infected Women in Higy TB Incidence Settings. Version 1.0, 24 October 2011Dr. Carolyne Onyango
650Hospital based birth defects surveillance in kampala, Uganda. Version 4.0 dated august 2014 (BD study)Dr. Phillippa Musoke
651Microbial composition in normal and vitamin A deficient preschool children from UgandaMr. Francis Enaru
652Selenium levels among patients with HIV-1 infection attending the art clinic in Mulago hospitalMr. Reuben Kiggundu